Friday, January 6, 2017

Russia: Taneyev postal card

Mark Jameson recently gave me this card. I had to think for a moment whether to include it on my postcard blog or here. I decided that since it was a postal card issued the the Russian postal authority, it really didn't belong on the postcard blog. Picture postcards form the heart of that other blog; this item is not such.

Russia issued this card in 2006 to celebrate the 150th birthday of Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev, a very famous Russian composer, teacher and pianist. Taneyev was long associated with the Moscow Conservatory. The stamp image shows a portrait and some musical notation. The cachet area of the card shows the main auditorium at the conservatory, including the Cavaille-Coll organ. A group of singers is on risers in front of the organ, with a conductor, presumably Taneyev himself. The other side of the card is totally blank, as is customary with postal cards in general.

The Moscow Conservatory instrument has figured prominently on stamps issued by Russia. Use the label listing at right to find the posts related to those stamps.

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