Saturday, May 24, 2008

Luxembourg: Sandweiler

This is the second stamp in a set of four issued in 2007 by Luxembourg. I haven't found any information on the organ, so would welcome any help there. This is from the second set of organ stamps from Luxembourg, issued to promote tourism.

Luxembourg: Esch-Sur-Alzette

This is the last in a set of four stamps issued in 2007. Promoting tourism, this is the second set of stamps Luxembourg has issued featuring church organs. The "Friends of the Organ" association has a helpful site that includes details about many instruments in the country. The present instrument is in the church of St. Joseph in Esch-sur-Alzette. Here is the page for this instrument built in 1977 by G. Westenfelder.
I recently found this site that has more information on the four organs in this set. It includes nice details about each instrument. Very knowledgeable to be a stamp colelctors' site primarily!

Luxembourg: Neiderwiltz

This is the low-value stamp in a set of four issued in 2007, issued featuring church organs. I would welcome any help finding more about the instrument and or the builder.

Luxembourg: Echternach

The third in a set of four issued in 2007. Ostensibly issued to promote tourism, these charming instruments are an unusual "come-on" for the average tourist. This organ is found in the basilica in Echternach. It is opus 1010 of the Klais firm of Germany built in 1953. Here are some additional pictures and a stop list.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

France: Bach Hommage

France issued this stamp in 1980 in honor of JS Bach. It is a painting by Jean-Picart le Doux. It is Scott 1691. The pipes are highly sylized and can't be linked to any particular instrument.

France: Wasquehal-Nord

France issued this stamp in 1991. The organ pictured is that in the Saint-Nicolas Church in Wasquehal-Nord, in the very north of France. The stamp is Scott 2252. The organ underwent extensive work in 1985. This site has a bit of information on the church and the organ.

I have not been able to determine who the builder is, though the site says it is a German instrument.