Saturday, April 6, 2013

Haiti: Schweitzer

Haiti issued a set of seven stamps in 1967 in memory of Albert Schweitzer. The stamps feature three different designs with varying colors. The first is a map of Alsace, France and of Gabon; the second is Schweitzer with a hospital named after him in Haiti; the third is a portrait of the doctor with organ pipes in the background. Three stamps (Scott 559-561) from the set were for regular postage; four (Scott C273-C276) were for airmail postage.

Grenada: JS Bach omnibus

Grenada issued this stamp (Scott 2954) in 2000 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the death of JS Bach. The stamp is essentially a mini-sheet of one stamp with a large selvage. The stamp features an image of Bach from a painting. The selvage is the score to a "Prelude and Fugue in E Minor" seemingly for piano/harpsichord. Several small postal entities issued similar stamps for the anniversary year hence the collective term "omnibus."

Greece: Barrel organ

Greece issued this stamp (Scott 1165) featuring a barrel organ in 1975. It was part of a set of twelve stamps featuring musical instruments. Other instruments included in the set:

Lyre (Pontos), (a mural of Byzantine musicians), another lyre (Crete), Tambourine, guitar, bagpipes, lute, pipes and zournadas (a type of reed instrument shown below), (another mural showing singers), drums, kanonaki (a type of harp shown below).

The current stamp is essentially green, with the instrument centered. The shown instrument is nicely decorated with draperies and a picture. There is no descriptive information on the stamp.