Saturday, January 7, 2017

Argentina: Kirchner Cultural Center

Argentina issued this stamp in 2015, celebrating the Kirchner Cultural Center in BA. The mini-sheet is actually comprised of a single stamp with 4 colorful labels included. The Kirchner Center began as a Postal center when it was constructed (1911-1928). It was converted to a residence (1946) for the nation's president, but was recently re-invented as an arts facility (2005-2015). Included in the building is a large concert hall, The Blue Whale, which includes a pipe organ. The $20 stamp shows the interior of the concert hall including the organ. The labels show various other aspects of the facility. One of them shows some details of the organ: pipes, drawknobs and keyboards. The four-manual and pedals (56 ranks) instrument was built by Klais in Germany.

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