Friday, January 6, 2017

Russia: Glazunov postal envelop

Russia issued this postal envelop in 1990 honoring the 125th birthday of Alexander Glazunov, a famous Russian composer and teacher. Mark Jameson gave me this envelop recently. The stamp image shows the composer and what appears to be an open book. There is nothing particularly musical about it. The cancellation notes the day of issue and the fact that it is indeed the 125th anniversary. It also shows a pair of dancers and some organ pipes and a piano.

The left side of the face of the envelop show a pair of ballet dancers (in color) superimposed on an image of the organ (with a piano) in the hall of the Leningrad Consevatory (in black and white). Text indicates this is the Glazunov Hall at the Conservatory. The couple are presented in a scene from Glazunov's ballet, "Raymonda," of 1898.

I have not been able to find a stoplist for the organ, nor information about the builder yet.

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