Monday, December 16, 2013

Malta: Francesco Azopardi

The island nation of Malta issued this stamp in 1985, the European Music Year, as part of a set of two stamps honoring Maltese composers. The low-value of the set features Nicolo Baldacchino. The present stamp of Azopardi includes organ pipes in the background. Azopardi (1748-1809) was a composer and music theorist. He was musician at St Paul's Cathedral, Mdina after study in Naples, and later added music leadership at St John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta to his bailiwick. Azopardi has at least one chamber work which includes organ in the instrumentation. I have not done enough exploration to know if there are other organ works by him. The organ in the cathedral was begun in 1774 by Domenico Antonio Rossi. Restoration work beginning in 2003 was by Robert Buhagiar. He has helpful information on his firm's website. It is difficult to discern if the pipe faces shown on the stamp are indeed from the cathedral organ or not.

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