Saturday, December 7, 2013

France: Carnet musique

France issued this booklet of stamp featuring musical instruments in 2010. January 29 was the first day of issue, with the pane available to the public on February 1. The stamps bear images of artistic representation from a variety of artists. The organ stamp is from a work of art by Francois Garas, completed in 1896. The original artwork utilizes pencil, ink, pen, watercolor, pastel, paper. It hangs in the Musee d'Orsay. As a work of art, I am assuming the original does not depict an extant instrument, but rather the artist's interpretation of an organ. The stamp does not appear yet in my 2011 Scott catalog. I found reference to it here with information from the French philatelic catalog.

Here is the catalog information:
Yvert et Tellier B390
Lyre 390
Harpe 391
Violoncelle 392
Guitare 393
Cor 394
Saxophone 395
Orgue 396
Clarion 397
Clavicen 398
Piano 399
Tambourin 400
Tambour 401

Here is an image of the original artwork:

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