Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spain: Seville Cathedral

Spain issued this souvenir sheet in 2012. The stamp itself shows the exterior of the Seville Cathedral. The selvage surrounding the stamp shows an interior view of the cathedral including the facade of the organ. The cathedral was completed in the 16th century and at that time replaced Hagia Sophia as the largest cathedral building in the world. It remains 4th largest today. It was declared a UN World Heritage site in 1978.

The Biographical Dictionary of the Organ site gives a straightforward stoplist. Gerhard Grenzing's site gives a little more general information of the organ (scroll down to get to the information about Seville Cathedral) plus the stoplist and some nice images. This is the firm which I believe maintains the instrument presently. Apparently a roof collapse destroyed previous instruments in the cathedral, leading to a new instrument in 1903. This stamp is a new issue, such that I don't not have a Scott catalog number for it yet.

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