Friday, March 15, 2013

Estonia: Organ festival

This post updates and corrects information in my original post about this stamp. I've left the old post in place despite its errors of fact.

Some years ago organists in Estonia began an international organ festival. Andres Uibo was instrumental in bringing about this event. In 2006 that nation's postal authority issued a stamp to promote the 20th anniversary of that event. The stamp features a close-up of a few organ pipes on the right side, and a view of the facade of the cathedral organ in Tallinn. It is denominated in both Estonian kroons and Euros.

The organ has an interesting history (click on toomkogudus, click on muusikatoo, lick on orel in left column.). It was built by Ladegast in 1878, 3 manuals and 48 ranks. It was refurbished in 1914 by Sauer, adding new ranks (now totaling 71 ranks), replacing the mechanical action with a pneumatic action, while preserving the winding system and the facade.

In 1994 a campaign was begun to preserve the instrument. Funds were raised and work began in 1998 by Scheffler. The organ was re-dedicated in late-1998.

This site has good information about the organ also. Google translate seems to do a decent-enough job with the Estonia originals.

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