Saturday, October 27, 2012

Germany (-Berlin) musicians

This stamp (Scott Germany 9NB260) was issued in 1988 to raise fund for youth welfare. I won't go into the details of the set of stamps of which this is a part nor of the Germany and Germany-Berlin designation in this post. But I want to give a little pre-history of my connection with this stamp. I have been saving writing about this stamp, and my exchange with the designer described below, until I had details about the organ. But as I explain below, that may not be quite possible. Hence, this pre-update!

I was fairly certain the stamp included an organ, but because of the photo technique, it's not quite clear. I conversed with some collectors years ago, who put me in touch with the stamp's designer in Munich. We exchanged letters and I learned some wonderful details related to the stamp. The image was shot, according to the stamp designer, at the Himmelfahrtskirche in Munich (Thalkirchen). She told me about hiring the children's choir of the church and the photo-process she used. I sought diligently for information about the church and organ, hoping to find a stop list, etc. I was never able to.

Recently I have been exploring again, hoping the Internet would provide me with images of the church, the organ and a stop list. I kept encountering this image of the chancel, with a very different organ.  I wondered if I had the right church even; perhaps, I thought, there was more than one Himmelfahrtskirche in Munich or its outlying communities.

But FINALLY, today I noticed a brief history of the church. It includes the notation " Umbau und Renovierung von Kirche und Gemeindehaus (1994 Orgelweihe)," giving the years 1988-1992. So now I wonder if there was an "old organ" in the "pre-alteration" church, which made it onto this stamp, and that the instrument seen here in the church photo is a "new organ," consecrated in 1994, that came as part of the renovation work in the early-1990's.

I intend to write to the cantor of the church to see if I can get the details straight, and to see if I can get an image of the church/organ prior to the renovation work.

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