Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nevis: Christmas 1984

For several years Nevis issued stamps at Christmas-time with various themes, very often loosely religious. In 1984 the set featured "musicians from local bands." The earlier stamps in the 1984 set include a flutist and drummer from the Honeytree Band; a guitar player and barhow players from the Canary Birds Band; and the Shell All Stars steel drum band. The high-value stamp (Scott 402) in the set features congregation members singering, a choir singer or director in vestments and an organist and an organ concolse at St. John's Church in Fig Tree. The instrument appears to have a single manual, and seems a rather modest instrument, based on the number of stop knobs visible. It is a charming scene. According to this site the organ was installed in 1974, though no information is given about the builder or any details of the instrument.

Shortly after the initial post, my friend Mark Jameson provided me with a bit of information about the organ on this stamp: 
Re Nevis – the organ was built by J W Walker & Sons, Brandon Suffolk in 1973 and installed in 1974.   According to two of their former staff it was a unit organ, probably with a Diapason, Flute, Salicional and Oboe extended variously.

Mark continues with some information about a second church in the area and its organ:
The Gingerland church had a Norman and Beard organ that cost them £100 in 1912, but is does not feature on any stamp.  The other church of St George also had a new organ about that time, but an Internet picture taken very recently shows an old organ. NPOR shows an 1869 Gray & Davison to a Wesley-Methodist and the picture for St George looks very much like that style of organ. I have asked the archbishops’ office in London to see if we can get any further.

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