Saturday, February 16, 2013

France: Cintegabelle

France has recently been issuing small panes of stamps specific to regions of the nation. This stamp is from a pane celebrating the region that includes the city of Toulouse. The Cintegabelle church is a vibrant and historic community of faith located 35 km from Toulouse in the Pyrenees region. Parts of the organ date from 1742. It was most recently refurbished by J.-L. Boisseau  and B. Cattiaux in 1989. One can read a nicely detailed description of the instrument and it's history here. The church and its musician obviously know the musical gem they enjoy: the detailed history, plus information about tours and concerts indicate an appropriate pride in the instrument. The panes in this series being issued by the French post office are marketed to collectors on the web site. The amount of text in the panes seems to indicate to me their target audience is tourists to the region. No matter what, they are commendable for the imaginative topics depicted and the information contained therein. This pane was issued in 2012, so I do not yet have a Scott # for it.


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