Saturday, September 8, 2007

Brazil: Carmelite Bicentennial

The Carmelite Order has had a presence in Brazil since before 1759. This stamp (Scott 893) commemorates the bicentennial of that presence in 1959. It was issued on July 16 of that year. This site gives some information on the churches in Rio de Janiero, but no details relevant to organs in any of them.

Update (7/15/11): With the help of another blogger I have found this site which is a dissertation on the organ, located in a monestary. The dissertation is quite complete, dealing with various construction details. Sadly it's in Portuguese, however the synopsis is in English.

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Unknown said...

Handel Cecilio has done a dissertation on the organ depicted on this stamp. This is the pipe organ at the Carmel Church in Diamantina. On my blog
I have put a link to his dissertation which is available as etext or pdf. Look on pages 56 and 57 and you will see a great photo of the organ pictured on this stamp.